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What is Binarleap

More than 10 years of experience in designing and developing websites for individuals, companies and stores and various Android and IOS applications

At Binarleap we offer various types of website, application and software design and development services using best and cutting-edge technologies to our customers. Many years of experience guide us in this way

Binarleap Features

With various services that Binarleap offers to you, you can confidently outsource your all your projects to us

Standard & Up-to Date Coding

We maximize the performance of projects by clean and standard coding

Cutting-edge Technologies

Using cutting-edge programming languages and technologies

Best Price

All projects done at Binarleap are based on customers needs and have lowest price

You Are Our Priority

We make exactly what you want because you are our priority

24/7 Support

24/7 support is your right and we appreciate it here at Binarleap

Consult & Guidance

Consulting before, during and after the project phases to meet all requirements

Our Recent Projects

Some of the projects done by Binarleap team

AdminPanel Real Estate Advertising Website

Real Estate Advertising Website

GPS Application

Almas Software

Aghaz mozafaghiyat Website

Bernato Online Exam Application

Bernato Application

Aghaz movafaghiyat application

BarandeMedia Application

CodNumber Application

Jameet Application

Khaf Market Application

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